Creative Yoga

“If we want to actualise something, we need to take a content which is really ensouled with spirit, is spiritually true, and concentrate on this until the thought produces inner feelings for us, or until it can radiate out of us.”

Heinz Grill

The approach practised here is completely new. It has been developed over the last 30 years by spiritual teacher Heinz Grill. In a world now increasingly threatened by “standardisation”, this yoga aims to encourage people to develop their own unique potential as free thinking and creative individuals.

The yoga movements are seen as artistic gestures. At the heart of each pose is a thought content, an idea or meaning waiting to be given expression through the body.

The movements begin with calmness and a clear head, so that the relevant idea can be held free from the distractions of our busy minds.

The thought starts to become vividly felt and embodied, until it can become acted out in the body. Movements done in this way are free and natural yet can also be highly active.

As in all forms of yoga, there are great physical benefits. The back is strengthened, the whole body becomes more flexible, circulation improves, the organs receive a greater supply of oxygen and nourishment and can function more efficiently, breathing becomes freer, energy levels and mental alertness improve.

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